Sports Courts

Sports court synthetic grass is an indoor or outdoor carpet laid onto a solid road base or existing hard court. Traditionally it has 19mm polypropylene fibres with special silica sand filling the gaps between them. Approximately 12 tons of sand goes into just one tennis court. This not only helps to anchor the court and protect the seams but also allows for fine tuning the speed and spin on the tennis court.

We specialize in the highest quality synthetic turf available, supplying the best product, and the sharpest price, at the highest standard of service and integrity. Robinson Sports Land uses the very finest Australian raw materials to produce a comprehensive range of synthetic turfs for all sporting, leisure residential and commercial applications. Robinson Sports Land covers a comprehensive array of applications, some of these include:

  • …and much more!

Our grass ranges from 8mm – 80mm with varied weights and specifications. We provide all weather, low-maintenance surface, that although designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, offers a consistently safe, attractive and long wearing surface with impeccable playing characteristics.


The most innovate tennis surface of the decade and patented across the world – designed, developed, tested and made in Australia.

It has the look, feel and plays like natural clay with controlled slide, low ball bounce and pace rated “slow” by the I.T.F. Compared to real clay, there is a fraction of the maintenance cost, no water needed, play is possible during rain and in all seasons and you get none of the dirt associated with clay tennis courts.

Classic Clay® was the world’s first and only patented “waterless” artificial clay tennis court surface, designed to play and slide just like a clay court whilst offering a consistent ball bounce where ball marks are easily identified.

Huge water savings

Traditional clay courts require watering. Not so with Classic Clay®.  It is a true “waterless” surface. With water restrictions in place in Australia, Classic Clay® offers the best solution for those who want a traditional clay surface, but have little or no water.  Classic Clay® does not suffer frost heave so it can be laid in areas that experience extreme cold climates, equally as it can be laid in areas with extreme heat. Classic Clay® courts are some of the fastest drying courts on the market.

Colour consistency

The colour remains rich and consistent across the entire surface as both the surface and the infill are UV stabilised and tested for the harshest of weather conditions.

Indoor suitability

When installed indoors, the court has good sound absorption benefits. This not only creates a more peaceful environment, but is particularly attractive for coaching as instructions can be heard easily.

Suggested base-works

Classic Clay® courts can be installed on a number of bases but all must comply with specific structural tolerance guidelines encompassing drainage, subsurface compaction and stability.  The most popular base is porous asphalt, macadam or concrete.  Existing hard-courts offer a perfect base. A diagonal fall across the court of 1 in 100 is preferred.

All our sports courts come with D.U.C.C patent technology.


D.U.C.C® holds a world-wide patent and is exclusively manufactured in Australia with all Australian materials. D.U.C.C® is designed to be integrated seamlessly into synthetic turf installations satisfying the needs of both drainage and impact absorbency.

Shock Absorbing

D.U.C.C® provides shock absorbency performance beyond ‘critical fall height’ safety standards.

Water Saving

D.U.C.C® performs as a waterproof membrane which rapidly directs water off the field of play to be collected in underground tanks and reused on surrounding areas.


The unique hollow design allows water to drain rapidly through the surface providing synthetic turf fields with both lateral and vertical drainage.


Heat retention is often a concern with synthetic turf fields.  Another benefit of D.U.C.C® is that it contributes to cooling the surface with increased air-flow and moisture retention.

Encapsulation Membrane

D.U.C.C® is 96% waterproof and acts as a non-permeable membrane.  It’s unique encapsulating properties provided the perfect solution for contaminated areas.


FIH and AFL APPROVED UNDERLAY.  D.U.C.C is an internationally approved high performance sports field underlay.


Industry leading 15 YEAR warranties cover all D.U.C.C installations.


D.U.C.C has successfully proven to be the most valuable underlay option for high performance synthetic turf installations.